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Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

Gut Biome

Industrial Agriculture

  • This lengthy New Yorker profile of University of California biologist Tyrone Hayes tells the story of how Hayes work on a small grant from Swiss agri-business giant Syngenta on the pesticide atrazine.  Hays concluded that atrazine was a factor in the decline of amphibian populations and in the increase in frog birth defects especially in crossed-up reproductive systems.  Hays made himself the target of a bizarre campaign of reputation destruction by Syngenta which included their purchase of google keywords, internal meetings, and documents speculating about Hays personal psychology.  A major part of the story is how Hayes developed a considerable paranoia about these efforts and how he fought back. A documentary film on the same story has been produced.

Research Fraud

Sleep and Circadian Cycle

  • An overview of polyphasic sleep – breaking your nightly sleep into two 4-hour segments (first sleep and second sleep) with a 90 minute break in between.  The author believes that this pattern was the normal pattern before artificial lights, and has benefits in terms of 24-hour endocrine cycling.
  • Mercola reports that the optimal sleeping temperature is 60-68F, wearing a cap that cools the head helps sleep, and that brown fat helps the body “burn calories and dispose of excess blood sugar” during sleep.

Obamacare/Politics of Health

Fermented Foods

  • GT Dave, founder of category leader GT’s Kombucha profiled in Inc. Magazine.  Tells the story of how he founded and grew the business.

Agriculture and Farm Freedom

Government Nutrition


  • From VarietySamuel Goldwyn Films has acquired North American rights to Rock Baijnauth’s documentary “Barista,” a look at the world of coffee competitions.


  • The Washington Post reports on new chemistry research on how Indian food interacts with human taste.  Every ingredient and type of food has multiple flavor compounds.  Western food tends to blend similar flavors.  Indian recipes, which frequently have a large number of ingredients, have the greatest combinations of non-overlapping flavor compounds, which was discovered by mapping the flavor compounds and data mining a large number of recipes.


  • Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic interviewed on Mercola about the effects of vaccine adjuvants such as aluminum and her research showing links to autism and Alzheimers.
  • Long thoughtful piece by my friend Bretigne Shaffer on closing of exemptions to vaccination, the oncoming forced vaccinations, and the ten-step program of disinformation and slander used to demonize vaccine skeptics.

Exercise and Fitness

  • The NY Times summarizes some recent epidemiological research on the relationship between the amount and type of exercise on total mortality.  The author notes that these studies were based on self-reporting, which is notoriously inaccurate for nutrition studies.  Caveats included, the studies show a benefit to moderate exercise up to a point and an additional benefit to intense exercise.