• MIT researcher Stephanie Seneff’s paper on what statins do and why they don’t really work explains how statins trick the liver into making fewer LDL particles, while causing collateral metabolic damage in the muscles and brain, including ALS and MS.
  • This English-language Turkish news site reports Ministry takes aim at pharmaceutical kickbacks to doctors.  Former FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds (who is of mixed Turkish descent and lived part of her life in Turkey) in this interview tells James Corbett about her recent trip to Turkey, in which she met people who told her of doctors being promised admission for their children into top US universities (which ordinarily have a highly competitive admissions process) if they were able to meet prescription goals set a pharma company.


Economics of Health Care


Gut Biome: A lengthy reddit chat with Dr. Suzanne Devkota covering the intestinal microbiome, gut-brain axis, pro-biotics, resistant starches, mood and psychiatric disorders, and fecal transplants.


Stuff I Like: Two Venezualans to launch a paleo kitchen/cafe in Berkeley. 


EMF: Evan Brand interviews Dr. Sam Milham (Ph.D. – epidemiologst and MD) about the influence of dirty electricity on health.  Dirty electricity consists of electricity with a white noise spectrum that is primarily generated by variable speed devices and devices producing spiky waveforms such as smart meters.  A lot of this electricity is channeled back into the ground rather than through a complete electrical circuit.  Dr. Milham believes that school shootings and other behavior issues are largely caused by the EMFs associated with dirty electricity.  He also discusses the correlation between a number of diseases including cancer, depression, suicide rates on distance from the source of these EMFs.  Dr. Milham’s book is available on Amazon.

Auto-Immune: The BPE interviews Dr. Izabella Weiz (pharmacologist) about Hashimoto’s – an auto-immune condition that affects the thyroid.   Dr. Wentz discuss her own experience with Hashimoto’s, causes, what lab tests to order, how to treat, and the relationship between Hashimoto’s and other auto-immune conditions.